Today, Moorebank Cricket Club are one of the largest clubs in the district, with players aged 5 and upwards.

We pride ourselves on a family culture, which places the emphasis on participation and enjoyment first and foremost. With this culture, winning occurs naturally as players are motivated to be involved in the sport, be an active part of a team and improve their skills.

Children learn hand-eye coordination, gross and fine physical motor skills when they play cricket. We also teach them the value of being part of a team and how to participate effectively in a team.

Cricket is also one of the lowest cost sports available in the area.

We offer three levels of cricket.
Minis (aged 5-8) is for boys and girls.Games are played with a soft ball, taking approx 90 minutes on a Saturday morning. Every child gets a bat and a bowl each week.
Junior Cricket (ages 9-15) is for boys and girls. Games are played with a cricket ball according to the rules of cricket on Saturday mornings. Rules are slightly modified in each age group to improve participation.
Senior Cricket (ages 15+) is the traditional form of the game, played on a Saturday afternoon.

One of our most famous players is Ben Rohrer, who played his Junior Cricket for Moorebank and later progressed to be a senior player in the NSW and Australian team, and played in the winning T20 team last year.

But, as always, successful clubs start from humble beginnings.

Moorebank Cricket Club was founded in 1978, with the first team being an U10 team that played in the season 1978/1979, playing under coach Jim Colley. Our first home ground has long since been overgrown, being at the junction of Heathcote Rd and Macarthur Drive. This area now appears to be bushland, but buried underneath this grass is still the concrete cricket pitch that the team had to play on. As there was no synthetic turf, the first job of the 1978 team was to roll out the coir matting on top of the concrete pitch. This of course is no longer necessary with the advent of synthetic turf.

Later, we affiliated with Moorebank Sports Club and built cricket pitches on Hammondville Oval. These pitches were about 5m lower than the current height of Hammondville Oval, and were at the same level as the Football field and bottom Soccer Field behind Moorebank Sports Club. They flooded often when Harris Creek rose.

With the construction of the Eastern Distributor, a place was needed for the spoil from the tunnels. Liverpool Council negotiated to have a lot of the spoil tipped on top of Hammondville Oval, which built the oval up by 5m and avoided our flooding problems. It also gave us the field that still stands today.

Our club recognizes the substantial contributions of Bob and Dianne Hinson and Ron Hollands, who steered the club in these early days, as well as our life member, each of whom made substantial contributions to the operation and ethos of the club.

Our life members are Ken Small, John Quigley, Robert Craig, Richard Birt, Ronald Hollands (dec), Senia Gaunson, Craig Layton, Robyn Wadling, Rick Towerton, Brad Lahey, Michael Sainsbury and Allina Brown.